Choosing Your Oak Dining Room Furniture

Solid oak base glass top 8 Chairs

What is Oak furniture?

Oak wood, as a natural beauty with high resistant to insect and fungal invasion due to its high tannin content, together with its exclusive strength and hardness, making it one of the best materials for the construction of the finest furniture.

The price of oak furniture may cost a bit more than many other types of wood; however, considering the numerous advantages of oak furniture, it does really worth the cost. Also, quality oak furniture can last for decades and still looks fabulous when you pass it on to your grandchildren if maintained properly.

What is important in it?

The dining room is where your family and friends gather together to enjoy meals, have a nice chat and share stories, etc. It is therefore important to choose a nice dining set to show a welcoming atmosphere in your dining room. You will probably keep your oak dining set for many years. Therefore in general it is better to get the best quality furniture that you can possibly afford. Thus, worth the time to choose the most suitable dining set for your dining room as this will matter for years from now.


6 chairs with extending dining table

Here are some tips for you to choose the most suitable dining table:

The size matters – First of all, how many people are there in your family? Do you host dinner parties often? Secondly, how big is your dining room?

Remember to measure the size of your dining room as you will need space to walk around the table, pull out the chairs and sit on properly. Do you have enough space for a large fixed full solid oak dining table? Or would an extendable dining table be more suitable for you?

Extendable dining tables would come in handy if you only have a few people to sit every day, while you would like to be able to have friends dining with you at home occasionally. If you have decided to buy an extendable oak dining table, do make sure that there is enough space for you to fully extend the table, considering the extending mechanism of the table at the same time.

If you are buying the dining chairs and the dining table separately, be careful that their sizes work with each other. You can consider our dining sets so that you don’t need to worry about this. It is also more cost effective to buy our dining sets rather than buying different pieces separately! 

Look and style – Would you like a lovely dining table made with traditional solid oak material or a stylish glass top dining table to give it a modern touch? Would you like traditional 4 corner legs table, or cross legs? How about oak cross base?

At the end, these all comes to personal preferences. However, bear in mind that you would be maintaining the dining table that you choose. Oak dining tables are tough and naturally beautiful, yet they are susceptible to water stains and scratches if not maintained properly. Oiling and cleaning from time to time is necessary but they can be refurbished easily and the maintaining doesn’t need to be hard work. Just a little bit of effort can benefit you for a long time.

Glass top dining tables are not as susceptible to damage as wooden top dining tables and are easier to clean and maintain, however, they are hard to refurbish.

Chair material – What kind of chairs fits the table?

Buying dining chairs with upholstered seats are comfortable, yet also likely to be spilled on eventually, leaving unpleasant stains. The problem can be solved easily by covering the chair with high quality leather and coating it with high quality film of PU, ensuring durability and water resistance from spills and stains, making it much easier to clean. On the other hand, dining chairs without upholstered seats would be less comfortable but they are easy to clean and very light to be moved around easily. 

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