1Home Philippe Starck Inspired Polycarbonate Louis Transparent Clear Ghost Chair Armchair - 1 Chair

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The 1Home's transparent Victoria Ghost chair reproduction, originally designed by world famous Philippe Starck (famous for his innovative approach to design) is a true modern classic design that is suitable for any living/dining room settings.

This beautiful Ghost armchair is crafted from high quality Polycarbonate piece in a single mould, ensuring excellent durability and stability, shock and weather resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance. The chair does not take up space “visually”, avoiding the crowded feeling of a room. It is armed to provide a more comfortable sitting experience and is also easy to be moved around by an adult.

The chair is designed for daily use in both indoor and outdoor environments, and is aimed to be designed and built to last a lifetime. The polycarbonate that made up the whole chair is also recyclable even if the chair is broken by accident. The chairs can be stacked together for 6 high and stored easily. It has proved a big hit in restaurants, clubs, and of course in the home.

For more dimensions info, please have a look at the black & white dimensions photo.

Please note that the name Philippe Starck is only used here as to mention the chair was inspired by the original design, and not as a trademark.

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Front Ghost Arm transparent dining chair

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